In a Relationship- A very special feeling

When you start enjoying the presence of someone and thinking about them all the time, it means love season has come into your life. So guys if you are really in a relationship and love then enjoy your golden period with your special one as this feeling can’t be compared with any other feeling in this world.

During initial days, you are on nine clouds. You try to spend most of the time with your partner in person or on video and audio calls. You make movie plans, trips plans and many more to spend quality time with your guy. Your every day passes like a festival.

Relationship & love

You start dreaming and smiling the entire day about thinking of your partner and you will not need any friend to keep yourself happy because the thoughts of your partner are enough to keep you happy. A Relationship has different stages with many ups and downs. With time, you will face different stages of a relationship that are:

1: More than a friend
2: All-Time Together
3: Comfort Phase
4. Testing Phase
5: Life long together phase

Relationship & love

You would be surprised to know that the relationship itself is of different types and they are:

  1. Friends with Benefit
  2. Open
  3. Committed

Before moving into the relationship, you should know about your feelings and not confuse it with friendship as it may lead to heartbreak.

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