Mika Singh the great singar is looking out for his partner on a TV show named Mika DI Voti

Mika Singh the great singer is looking out for his partner on a TV show named Mika DI Voti. 

Mika Singh, an Indian rapper, and performer are looking for a life mate in a reality program that will air on Star Bharat. The program’s promo, named Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti, was shared by the station. Hanji ready ho jao sare is the caption Mika added to the promo. Life mein ab duet karne ka mann karta hai, whereas ab tak singing mein toh solo hi chalta hai. Apne ke saath hi aata hai, kyunki maza toh!

Recently the big blast happened when Adil Shaikh, husband of one of the contestants, tweeted about his marriage to the contestant of Mika Di Voti named Bushra Shaikh. He has attached marriage evidence and more info about their marriage.

The tweet by Adil Shaikh, husband of Bushra Shaikh said that his wife Bushra Shaikh is not 24 years old as told in the reality show rather she is 30 years old. Her husband also mentioned in the tweet that she is the mother of an 8-year-old, mentioning that he can’t believe how the Starbharat team and reality show host and organizer selected her as a contestant even after being married.

Bushra’s husband has also attached photos of their wedding and their family picture where Bushra Shaikh is seen along with her husband and daughter. Adil has also attached the marriage certificate confirming their marriage. 

After Adil’s tweet, the maker of the show removed Bushra Shaikh’s part from the last day’s show.

To know more and find the perfect match for Mika Singh keep watching Mika Di Voti.

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