Pop sensation BTS MV Yet to Come is Live

BTS gave a surprise to their fans aka BTS Army.
As they have released the teaser of the “BTS Yet to come (The most beautiful moment)” Music Video.

The teaser was released on the 7th of July under the banner of BIGHIT MUSIC on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel. This music video is going to be the part of their album “Proof”, with this album BTS is making a comeback. There are two more songs to be released under this album titled ‘Run BTS’ and ‘For youth’.

The fans are pouring the oceans of emotions, as they are very excited and eagerly waiting for the release of the full song. BTS is dominating the social media pages as the BTS Army is rolling out exhilaration for the upcoming musical sensation.

Coming to the glimpses of the teaser, the video lasted up to 36 seconds where most of the parts are shot in the beauty of the desert, where it’s hard to take off the eyesight from the members of BTS and the beautiful sets.

The video starts with Kim Taehyung aka V walking along the shoreline with his back to the camera as the sound of breeze and waves are heard. Followed by Jin looking bright in the sun. Jimin, displaying his youth tattoo, gazes somewhere else as he walks through the desert. Kim Namjoon aka RM looks composed in glasses as the wind blows his suit. J-Hope is seen for a moment. Meanwhile, V poses with a rose, looking amazing in his looks. Suga appears to be standing on a table like structure with his attention far beyond the frame. The video ends with Jungkook sitting on the sand, with the vocals of “You and I best moment is yet to come.” 


The music video, which was published at 9.30 a.m. (IST), has already racked up over 20 million views and sparked several Twitter trends. Fans showered the septet with love in spades. The CD Proof spans the group’s nine-year history, and each song is a testament to their tenacity and perseverance. Today, netizens colored Twitter purple with hashtags such as

·        #YetToCome

·        #IMCrying

·        #EndofChapter1

·        #ProudofyouBTS

Among all the valuable remarks and congratulatory messages, the hashtag #IMCrying earned the most retweets. BTS ARMY went to Twitter to point out how the new music video had similar frames to the previous ones.

The publication of Proof marked the end of the first chapter in BTS’s journey. The new songs were written to usher in a new age, which the septet hopes to usher in. A three-CD set of 35 tracks, three of which are new, acts as proof.

Internet users shared the BTS members’ Instagram stories and posts when it came to viral photos and videos. BTS members Namjoon (RM), J-Hope, and Taehyung (V) took to Instagram to give their thoughts on the album’s creation.

Taehyung shared some incredible behind-the-scenes footage from the desert-themed music video. The videos show how much effort the boys put in to get the perfect shot.


For the promotion of BTS’s impending comeback, “Proof,” BTS fans are choosing an album logo from BTS’s debut to today to build their own image and share it on social media!


The full video released on 10th of June. Here is the full video of Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment):

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